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Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping, YouTube Ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads

Work with a Google Ads agency that gets results and makes you more money.

Do not miss out such opportunities! Most likely your competitors already use these tools.

Those potential customers who search for the services and products you offer are the hottest leads you can nurture.

We can help you reach them with the right message, on the right platform at the right time.

We have been managing large ad accounts with million euros of ad spend, and also scaled up startups from zero to hero.

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If you look for a professional partner for your Google Ads and paid search campaigns, please see our services.



You may wish to keep your ads management in-house or at your current agency. However, a fresh pair of eyes can often spot lots of room for improvement. We have audited small accounts to multinational companies.


Landing page review

Landing pages are of key importance for performance marketers, especially in search marketing, where keywords and related landing pages must tightly interrelate. We revise your landing page structure and guide you to further develop your website.


Tracking and measurement

Setting up measurable KPIs, configuring goal tracking, event tracking, different attribution models and so are the key to success in digital marketing. We help you quantify, measure and achieve your business goals.


Account planning

The range of your product and service portfolio may vary from some 100s products even to millions. We craft account structures that are future-proof and easy-to-scale. No more restart, reconsideration and headaches due to poorly executed account launch.


Campaign setup

We build up your search campaigns with comprehensive keyword coverage, display ads, YouTube ads, shopping feeds and many more. Google Ads and paid search have a wide variety of online marketing solutions out of which we pick the best-fitting mix to your business.


Bidding and optimisation

Upon starting your campaigns, constant optimisation gets started. Our experts regularly revise and fine-tune your campaigns. If you grow, we grow, too. Our goal is to make you and your business successful.



Reports help you keep your finger on the pulse of your Google Ads and paid search campaigns. Don’t worry about your daily ads management. That’s our part. We do daily and weekly health checks as well as quarterly audits. But still! We believe in transparency and data-driven approach. Manual or fully automated reports help you better understand and follow your digital marketing performance.

A non-exclusive list of tools we can implement on behalf of your business.


Search Ads in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Seznam.


Dynamic Search Ads


Display Ads


Dynamic Remarketing Ads


YouTube Ads


Gmail Ads


Attribution models


Offline conversion tracking

Why to outsource?

Even small mistakes can result in inefficient ad spend and lost opportunities. Google Ads and paid search are rapidly changing. We are always up-to-date of the most recent upgrades to keep you ahead of your competition.

It takes lots of your time and effort that you may allocate on other business-related goals and tasks.

Yes, hiring a Google Ads agency generates extra cost for your business, but on the other hand, it also means optimised ad spend and increased revenue.

If you wish to give Google Ads and paid search a try, please, get in touch with us!