Paid Social

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat Marketing.

There are bunches of social media platforms out there. Way too many to professionally get along with and strategize all.

We specialise in paid social, and we can help you out with these platforms.

We have been managing Facebook campaigns for such companies as and Extreme Digital.

You may also have a look on any active ads, even your competitors’ ads in the Facebook Ad Library.

If you are familiar with any of the questions below,
you are at the right place.


Worth to try at your business?


Is it only for brand awareness or also for tangible results?


Which social media to use?


How much to spend on them?


What results to expect?


What campaign types to test out?


What sort of audience strategy?


Only for remarketing or also for finding new prospects?

To answer a few, we at Markestic believe


Paid social such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads should be also performance-driven. Even though the direct performance of each channel may seem quite different according to the various attribution models, but still, such results shall be measured as purchases, leads, average conversion value, cost per conversion and so.

Each social media suits different audiences and goals. Thus they must be handled holistically. There isn’t one that rules them all.


Social media marketing, especially Facebook has highly relevant social and demographic targeting options. Often far better than Google.


Remarketing at social media platforms is almost a must, however, prospecting rarely outperforms Google Search campaigns. There are some very tangible counterexamples, but still social media is typically not the lower funnel.


We can help you with the following campaign management services:

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Twitter Ads

Snapchat Ads

From campaign setups and optimisation to advanced pixel implementation and measurement.

The largest among social media platforms is certainly Facebook accounting for roughly 20% of the global digital ad spend.

Facebook marketing itself is already highly complex. Just to name a few elements to take into consideration:

Audience strategy

From prospecting to retargeting.


From automated bidding to manual strategies.

Campaign types and objectives

From awareness to more sales-driven campaigns such as dynamic remarketing.


From the basic facebook stats to automated reports through Facebook API.


From newsfeed to Messenger and Instagram.

Why choose us?


Holistic approach

We set up, test and fine-tune the best marketing mix for you. Facebook may work best for your business, but maybe on the contrary.


Always up-to-date

Facebook and social media platforms constantly change. They modify their algorithms, ad formats, tools, targeting options and so. One needs to be aware of such updates to keep you ahead of your competitors.



We have been working for lots of industries in multiple countries. If a new tool has succeeded elsewhere, we bring and test that for you right away.


Fun and proactive team

Professionalism is obviously a key to success, just like the human factors. We consider the latter ones just as important.


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If you wish to give us and social media marketing a try, please, get in touch with us!