You know your business.
We know digital.

We help large companies streamline and optimise their digital activities, or make shift from offline to online.

Large companies face very different challenges as startups and smaller ventures.

According to our experiences, the top 7 most common ones to tackle are:

Having a clear overview of the current digital maturity and a clear vision to where to advance next.


Optimising and scaling the existing, but already highly complex digital activities.


Effectively reacting to the rapid change of customer needs.

Measuring all the possible bits of digital activities.

Crafting an overarching strategy with omnichannel approach instead of working in silos.

Dependency on legacy business models.

Necessity of some organisational change.

There may be many more challenges to overcome.

If these sound familiar to you, let us show you how we help our partners to combat them.


We have run end-to-end digital consolidation projects at multinational clients. These projects start with a thorough analysis of the current state, then with a showcase of what can be achieved along what steps and activities.


Most of our clients are international, present in many countries (our largest one is active in 60 countries) and often run business online as well as offline. We have been optimising large ad accounts with millions of keywords (47 millions to be precise) in multiple locations. Such level of complexity needs different optimisation from our side.


Our team members have been growing up in the digital era. We understand and take digital as granted, not as a far option.


The essence of digital is measurability. Numbers don’t lie, thus we always start with the analytics part. We have fixed tons of measurement issues from enhanced eCommerce to API-related data connections, from the simplest reporting tools to heavy, fully automated, company-level dashboards. A well-made measurement plan plays a crucial role in your digital success.


Digital marketing cannot be handled as a silo either. It is integrated with other divisions, activities. We always try to understand the other aspects of your business into which digital must perfectly fit. We organise regular workshops with our partners to match your business with digital opportunities.


Digital advancements turned traditional business models upside down. We help you strategize and implement online solutions from upsell options to remarketing, from advanced audience strategy to customer loyalty.


‘At the end of the day, it’s all about people.’ Digital transformation affects and involves your team, your whole organisation. We help you with study materials and on-site trainings to get ready for any major organisational change.

If you choose us as your digital partner, you can be sure your digital activities are in very good hands at top-notch experts with whom it’s fun to work.

Our 4 core values are:

Numbers don't lie.

Live up to our promises.

Always excel in what we do.

Have fun.

That’s the essence of Markestic.

We hope we may welcome you among our partners.

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Our services for large companies


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Automated reporting and management dashboards


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Digital marketing is definitely not magic. 

But performing it really well is not easy either. Make sure you choose the right partner for your company, who’s really been there, done that.

Ready to get growing your business?