Let’s keep it simple.

We help startups grow with digital marketing.

Are you a startup before entering the market or right at the stage of scaling?

Starting a company is a bumpy ride. We have been there, done that.

You made a really brave but not an easy life choice with several challenges (limited time, well-known competitors, high expectations from investors, lack of experience on international markets, just to name a few).

We have been fighting against Booking.com.

We have scaled up startup from 1 country to 22 within 1,5 month. Yes, 22.

We have helped startup to gain 1 million USD in revenue within its first business year.


million+ sessions

million+ € spent

million+ orders

What we can offer you, too is…

Top-notch digital marketing service

We’d rather excel in a very few things than being jack of all trades. In our case, it’s paid advertisement (PPC to simply put).


Transparency and openness

Numbers don’t lie. We regularly follow up with you. We also provide automated management dashboards that help you keep your finger on the pulse of marketing, meanwhile you can deal with other parts of business development.

Long-term partnership

We won’t overcharge and rip you off with some magically sounding upfront service, then do technically nothing and bring no results. We can’t guarantee your startup will succeed. Noone can. What we can is that we will proactively fight on your side, and we know what and how to do online.

Fair pricing model.

You have limited resources. Our pricing model fits your needs. If you grow, we grow, too. Simple as that.

If you choose us as your marketing partner, you can be sure your digital marketing campaigns are in very good hands at top-notch experts with whom it’s fun to work. You can expect open communication and fair partnership.

Our 4 core values are:

Numbers don't lie.

Live up to our promises.

Always excel in what we do.

Have fun.

That’s the essence of Markestic.

We hope we may welcome you among our partners.

Our service packages include


Market and competitor analysis


Automated reporting and management dashboards


Planning and defining your target KPIs


Regular follow-ups and iterations where needed


Constant optimisation


Campaign setups


Seasonal business reviews

Let us tell you a ‘secret’.

Most of the outstanding startups rarely succeed thanks to some sort of magical viral marketing, growth hacking tactics or just purely word-of-mouth. Yes, some lucky ones do. But most of the succeeding ones use the very same channels and tactics than their competitors. Just they perform it 10-times better.

We’d rather believe in a precisely crafted and optimised Google Search Network campaign, than a fancy viral marketing video that might be the next daily trending pick. But most likely not.

With our help, no money will be wasted on marketing dead ends.

Some tests will fail for sure, but we quickly find and prove the directions that bring real value for your company, then scale them up locally or globally.

Online marketing is definitely not magic. But performing it really well is not easy either. Make sure you choose the right partner for your startup, who’s really been there, done that.

Ready to get growing your business?