How did we increase the conversion rate of the Laptop Salon by 52%?

Laptop Salon approached us to help them relaunch their online marketing activities, organise their activities and develop their campaign strategy. They wanted to turn their existing webshop into a better converting e-commerce site, where they could realise higher profits with increased traffic.


More time spent on more pages means more customers

Laptopszalon is one of Hungary’s most popular computer shops and service network, which also has its own webshop. Laptops, notebooks and smart devices make up the largest proportion of their product range, but they also include DIY and household tools, drones and other consumer electronics. They wanted a higher converting, higher traffic webshop where visitors spend enough time and their shopping cart is not empty.

+22.1% - Return on advertising costs

2020. June and 2021. between December and December, their ads performed 22.1% better

-75% - Get one purchase

In a year and a half, the amount spent on advertising to get a purchase has fallen by 75%.

+52% - Conversion rate

In one year, we have seen a 52% increase in conversions on your online store.

-72% - Reversal rate

The number of side-crossers fell by 72%.

We achieved a 52% higher conversion rate and a 72% lower bounce rate



2020. We started working with them in June, and they faced a similar challenge to many of our other clients: the metrics for website purchase events were not set up correctly, so even though they had a webshop and had run ad campaigns in the past, the conversions from the spend were not measured properly.




Once we had examined the Google and Facebook advertising accounts and gone through the improvements that needed to be made to them and the improvements that were worth making, we could build the online campaign strategy.

We created a new keyword list, a new campaign structure supported by professional copy and ad extensions across the account.

First, we developed the search engine advertising strategy, followed by the development of paid social media ads and their full campaign management.

After setting up the measurements and launching the campaigns, it was also important to ensure that visitors to the shop converted, i.e. spent enough time on the site and made a purchase. Thus, for traffic from PPC ads, we have managed to reduce the bounce rate by 72.72% and increase the conversion rate by 52.42% in 18 months.