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Low engagement results in low conversion rate. How did we tackle this?

The improper measurement hindered the conversion-based optimisation while the badly structured Google Ads account and too broad targetings generated traffic but of bad quality. By fixing these major issues, the bounce rate got reduced by 72% whereas the conversion rate increased by 52%.

Let’s see a bit more details.

Problem Statement

Laptopszalon used to be among the Top 3 laptop resellers – historically with a strong offline presence. As purchasing electronics online started becoming the new normal – even further accelerated by COVID, Laptopszalon intended to invest more into their online business. However, their paid media campaigns could not hit break-even, thus scaling was not an option at that stage. Simply put: if they spent more, they generated more financial loss. In the meantime, their top competitors boomed quite heavily and Laptopszalon’s overall sales numbers seemingly started to lag behind. 

They needed to change something urgently in order not to lose any more market share and ultimately become profitable online, too. 

Not an easy decision to make: shall they spend more to keep up with the others and accept growing overall loss at least for a while? Or shall they accept shrinking market share and growth rate, find a profitable marketing mix first then start scaling from there?”


Industry: online electronics

Employee: 10+

Partnership with Markestic: 2020 - 2022

Main competitors


First and foremost, Laptopszalon requested a detailed audit on their ad accounts as well as a feasible online marketing plan.

We spotted many low-hanging fruits. Just to name a few: 

  • lots of ecommerce events were not traced
  • the Google Ad Account structure was too generic just like the targeted keywords
  • Facebook wasn’t utilised on its full potential – such as missing out on dynamic remarketing.

Overall massive traffic was directed to the webshop, however, the bounce rate was extremely high and the engagement rate was low. No surprise, order numbers suffered as well.

We configured event and conversion tracking for every stage of the user journey, reset the complete Google Ad account structure starting almost from zero with selected, highly targeted keywords, filtered the incoming traffic with tight negative keyword strategy and set up proper Facebook remarketing campaigns.



Results came quickly. In numbers:

  • bounce rate got reduced by 72%
  • conversion rate increased by 52%
  • ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) rose to break-even.

Then we started to scale steadily, further optimising the freshly configured campaigns. 

All in all, during the first 1.5 years of the cooperation, we managed to reduce the average cost per order by 75%. 1.5 years is a long journey. However, earning new orders for 4 times less cost on average than before requires time but it’s certainly a big achievement. 

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