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We optimize your digital advertising costs by 30% on average!

We are Markestic. We help ecommerce companies grow by uplifting their revenue and optimizing their marketing activities and costs. On average we hit 30% efficiency gain in the first 1 to 3 months. We wish to reach the same for you. 

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We specialise in e-commerce and online lead generation!

We got selected to the Google Premier Partner circle in 2022 meaning the top 3% of digital agencies that have a proven track record of maximising the success of their clients’ campaigns, helping them grow, and this is recognised by none other than Google. We can respond faster and more efficiently to any emerging needs, and we are the first to access Google product information even when it’s only in beta version.

Our top services

Google Ads Campaign Management

With the help of Google Ads, you’re guaranteed to show up to your potential customers when they’re actively searching for your products. Whether it’s text ads, shopping ads, display ads, we’ll find the best mix for you.

Facebook and Instagram campaign management

A poorly optimized Facebook or Instagram ad can waste the money of your business. We manage your social ads in a professional way and use complex settings to get the best results.

Click fraud prevention

When using paid advertising, you are also unknowingly paying for clicks that are not generated by real people. Our service ensures that you only pay for clicks that generate valuable traffic.

Google CSS

Reduce the cost of your Google Shopping ads by up to 20% with the benefits provided by the system CSS. Even in case of a monthly advertising cost of 90 EUR, it is worth using the provided benefits.

Social Media Management

We find common ground with your customers! Together, we’ll define the visual content and the frequency of your posts to help you pledge new customers easier to your brand.

Management of price comparison sites

Price comparison sites allow us to target people who are already interested before purchasing. Typically, this is one of the best converting customers for you.

Get to know us!

We are professional marketers who aim to help our clients achieve their goals. We work in partnership with our clients and we are in direct relation with the representatives of Google, Facebook and other platforms. Dedicated support is available when needed.




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Check out our intro!

Check out our intro!

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Success stories

I remember one of our projects was handed over to the team of Markestic halfway through – the project was on the verge of collapse at the time. They took action straight away, wasting no time with unnecessary, long drawn-out strategy or other non-priority stuff. The project was ultimately a great success because of their tireless commitment.

Balazs Simon

Co-Founder, Patika24 Group

The HR SaaS industry is a very complex and competitive sector with some key international participants. As a new entrant, acquiring large companies as customers seemed almost impossible. The Markestic team integrated Facebook and LinkedIn marketing and was able to gain direct access to around 80% of HR professionals in our target market.

Agnes Marik

Co-Founder and CEO, Selfmapping

They have been managing our Facebook and Google campaigns for almost 5 years. No matter how high targets we set, they exceeded them. They are constantly looking for and testing new digital solutions that allow us to maintain our advantage over our competitors.

Judit Streit

Ecommerce Manager, Samlerhuset Group BV

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Akos Daniel Fodor

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Eva Hajas

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Akos Daniel Fodor

Akos Daniel Fodor

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Eva Hajas

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