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Text search ads

The best-known Google advertising option, paid text results appear on the search page. It’s an effective way to reach people who are already actively looking for your products or services.

Shopping ads

Google Shopping differs from traditional search ads in that it shows the best deals for your keywords at the top of the search bar, with an image, price and the name of the shop.

Display ads

While search ads reach users when they click on a product, the Display Network allows you to reach potential customers earlier in the buying cycle. Also an excellent choice for remarketing campaigns.

YouTube ads

Ads before, during and next to YouTube videos. It can be a useful element of branding and a good complement to your other advertising campaigns.

Local campaigns (Google Local)

Promoting physical stores on Google services. It is most prominent in map search results, and is highlighted while browsing on Google Maps. A great tool if you want to physically drive more people to your shop.


Other solutions

Google has a number of other, constantly evolving options to help you run the most relevant ads for your business in a more personalised way. We continuously monitor, test and integrate these innovations into your campaigns.

Don’t let your competitors overtake you!

If your competitors aren’t already using Google Ads, you can gain a significant market advantage, and if they are, it’s not recommended to fall behind them.


Visitors brought in by PPC ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase than those coming in organically.


Online advertising can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.


Ads on the Google Display Network reach 90% of internet users.

Why choose us?

  • A holistic approach: We’ll set everything up for you from the ground up, then constantly test and fine-tune your campaigns to the max.
  • We are a Google Priority Partner: this inner circle includes the top 3% of agencies selected by Google on the basis of professional and qualitative criteria. We can respond faster and more efficiently to any emerging needs, being the first to have access to Google product information in beta.
  • We are always up to date: Algorithms, ad formats, tools, targeting options and more are changing. We keep track of these changes so you can sit back and focus on other areas of your business.
  • Experience: we work in several industries and countries at the same time, so we share experience and knowledge quickly. What we test in one country or industry can be quickly transferred to another.
  • A proactive team: We’re constantly looking for ways to make your ads more effective.
  • Good relations: our expertise comes first, of course, but we also value human relations.

If you want to look professional, leave it to us!

We take all the burden of Google Ads off your shoulders!

From the initial setup to ongoing testing and optimisation to detailed reporting, you can count on us for everything.



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