As a webshop owner, you are making a huge mistake if you don’t use this tool!

If you sell physical products, it is essential that your products are listed on price comparison sites. If you use them well, these sites can be one of your best converting channels, and a significant percentage of your revenue can come from them.


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What are price comparison sites?

On price comparison sites, potential buyers can compare the prices of the companies selling a product, the guarantees they offer, delivery times, etc.

Depending on the site, as a webshop, you can bid to be ranked higher in search results and also run Google Shopping ads for your products through their partner programs.

The best known Hungarian examples are Árukereső, Árgép,

Why make huge mistakes if you don’t live with them?
Since price comparison sites are visited by users with the explicit intention of making a purchase, they can have a very high conversion rate. It would be a mistake to let interested parties with such a high potential customer base go to waste.

However, to get the most out of these sites, it is important that everything is set up properly, the product feed is properly monitored and managed, and bids are set up, so it is worth hiring professionals to manage these.

Which sites can you trust us to manage?



Search for goods

It has a huge number of visitors, with 20 million users per month. Find products from any product category here. If required, they can also provide you with advanced paid display options in search results and run Google Shopping campaigns for your products. The Shopping Marketplace also allows you to add products to your shopping cart and buy them directly from the site.


Price engine

Unlike Shopping, there are no paid placement or CPC bid options, but Google Shopping campaigns are run in 19 countries. It attracts an average of 3 million visitors a month, but you can find almost as many products on it as on the shopping site. Products from all product categories can be found on the site, but electronics and household appliances are the most popular. The products are sorted by price only, but reviews of your products can be an extra feature on their main page. On the product pages, a price chart shows prices for the last period.


Primarily an electronics comparison site with an average of half a million visitors per month. You can bid for the better sites, and there is also the possibility of commission-based cooperation instead of CPC. It works well with fewer products.



Site specialising in fashion, home, interior design, beauty with an average of 1 million visitors per month. They also put a lot of emphasis on content marketing, driving visitors to the site with blog posts. You can also bid for a better ranking. They have Shopping ads in 13 countries and you can also run product ads within the site.

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Why let us manage your price comparison pages?


We work in partnership with the above sites, so we have dedicated customer support available if needed.


We continuously optimise your product feeds based on current market trends and periodic promotions to maximise performance and ROI.


We ensure the highest possible return by keeping the bidding system under control.


We save you time by taking care of the necessary registration processes and other administrative tasks.


A Google Shopping presence across multiple price comparison sites usually results in higher overall performance. We are naturally also involved in the strategic optimisation of these campaigns.


By using price comparison sites, you can reach your potential customers across more platforms, which will help you achieve a higher conversion rate.