Case studies

Get to know our work! Read through our case studies detailing the ways we have achieved positive growth for our clients.


Wondering how we generated 70 times more revenue for EcoFamily for every HUF spent on marketing?


How did we increase the conversion rate of the Laptop Salon by 52%?

Pharmacy 24

How can you achieve a 65% increase in revenue in one year?


Samlerhuset operates in 14 countries with a strong offline presence, but online channels are gradually gaining in importance. We have been working at Samlerhuset since 2014. In recent years, we have been working on optimising Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, while helping the Group to get off the ground with a more integrated digital transformation and consolidation.


The Adecco Group is a world leader in human resources services. Their services cover a wide range of areas from recruitment and temporary/permanent staff management, career transition facilitation and talent development to consultancy and outsourcing.


They are not travel agencies or tour operators. A search engine, a technology company that helps adventurers. Similar to Google, Bing, Yahoo! and others, but focused on outdoor adventures. In nature, they focus on adventure. They want to help people experience all the wonders of nature and really find themselves there.


Smaller Earth - Camp Leaders

Camp Leaders now has 15 offices around the world, has sent over 50,000 people on life-changing adventures, and will continue to do so because nothing is more important to them than making the world a better and more understanding place.