Can you really save on Google with CSS?

If you have a webshop and spend at least 100 EUR per month on online advertising, yes!

What is Google CSS?

With Google CSS Partner, a 20-25% cost advantage has been made available for Shopping campaigns that deliver noticeable results within days as an advertiser – either less ad spend or more reach for the same ad spend. Who is it recommended for?


Webshop owner

You are a webshop owner who wants to multiply your turnover.


Shopping campaigns

You’re already running Shopping campaigns, but you haven’t taken advantage of the CSS Partnership.

Smaller margin

You have a wide range of products or sell bulk products, working with lower margins.

Niche market

You have identified a niche market or have a specific audience you want to reach more effectively.


Increasing competition

Competition is getting tougher, so you’re looking for new ways to stand out.


You are selling abroad and want your ads to be placed among the others.

You won’t find a better deal on the market!

If you do, please contact us at We would be surprised.
What happens if I don’t try the service?

You’re losing out on a cost advantage that your competitors are probably already enjoying. This may not be obvious for a small spend, but for a big spend and competition, you’ll be at a competitive disadvantage.

European market

We have looked through all the best known and professionally unquestionable CSS providers, both domestic and foreign, and have contracted with a partner who can offer this cost advantage to our customers in all EU countries, including you!

Domestic prices

The fees of the more well-known domestic providers typically range between 2% and 5%, often with an additional setup fee and/or an extra monthly fixed fee. Typically between 49-79 euros/month.

How is our service different?

For Markestic, the basic Google CSS Partner service fee is 1% of the Shopping ad budget. For example, if you spend 3.000 EUR per month on Shopping, it will cost you 30 EUR per month. But we charge a minimum of 25 EUR per month for the service, but in no case more than 289 EUR

#1 Google CSS Partner

With our CSS service, your products will appear in Google Shopping Box at a discount. If you advertise, you will pay 25% less per click or generate 25% more traffic!

As an advertiser, you’ll see cost savings on your ads or an increase in traffic to your online store for the same amount of money in just a few days!

Why move now?

  • Since 2020, our lives have been turned upside down, and so have your customers’ shopping habits.
  • Every year, the algorithms for displaying ads, their formats and therefore the benefits they can bring change.
  • In Western Europe, it is perfectly acceptable for traders to use Shopping ads, and there are markets where advertisers cannot even appear without them.
  • Improving performance of Shopping advertising means more retailers are shifting more of their media budgets from search to Shopping advertising
  • In 2023, the ratio will be: Google Shopping: 80% Google Search Ads: 20%

How to claim the 25% discount?

Read the information email

As a first step, sign up using our contact form. You will receive a summary email with all the useful information about the service and our draft contract.

Complete and sign the contract

Once you have provided the necessary information, you will be contacted shortly by a member of our finance team to sign the contract online.

Send a consent message

In order to activate the service, we need to prove to Google that you want to use it – and we need an email from you giving your consent. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through the steps!

Grant accesses

To activate the service, you need to give our CSS partner agency access to your Merchant Center account, as well as Markestic, so we can issue the invoice. If you get stuck in the process, we’ll guide you step by step.

Remember these are the most important things to know!

How much will it cost me?

  • 1% of the managed Shopping advertising budget
  • minimum 29 EUR / feed / month
  • maximum 289 EUR / feed / month

Discounted impression

With our CSS service, your products will appear in Google Shopping Box at a discount.

25% cost advantage

If you advertise, you will pay 25% less per click or generate 25% more traffic.

More effective campaigns

You’ll see improvements in many advertising metrics after switching to Google CSS Partner, meaning your campaigns will be more effective.

Quick changeover

The changeover takes 1-2 days and results are noticeable afterwards.