You know how important social media is, but you don’t have time for it?

As a B2C business, an active online presence is now essential.

Instead of seeing it as a burden, harness the power of social media with our help!

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Why is a professional social media presence essential for a business?

The majority of the people actively use social media platforms, and users spend an average of 2.5 hours a day on different portals. Social media is now not only the main source of contact with friends and acquaintances, but for many people it is also a primary source of information. Here you can follow the news, discover new products, check the promotions of your favourite shops and find out their opening hours.

While an active online presence can be a significant market advantage in some sectors, in others it is now a must and a disadvantage to not be present on social media.

However, continuous content production and trend following can be extremely time-consuming… So outsource it to a professional team who wake up and sleep with social media, breathe it and are constantly up to date with the latest news, the latest trends and produce professional content for you on different platforms, keeping your business needs in mind.

You can count on us on these platforms



 The most effective social media platform for reaching the over 35s. The organic reach is now extremely low (only 2.2%), so it is worth supplementing it with ads or considering a Facebook group. The number of users over 55 is also increasing.


 Mostly used by users between 18-35 years. Previously primarily an image-sharing platform, it is now increasingly dominated by short video content. The organic reach is higher than on Facebook – around 9.4%. Influencers play an important role on the interface.


It’s a business social platform mainly used by ambitious young middle and senior managers aged 25-35. The primary social media platform for B2B marketing, with 5.3% organic reach. Its users use it primarily for networking, business, and are open to business content.


The primary video content sharing portal. It is the second most used social media platform worldwide and the second most used search engine. It is typically most actively used by young people, but it is also used by people over 50 to find information. It can be a useful platform for sharing educational content.


Short video content is the key element of TikTok, which is the fastest growing social media platform today. Its users are mainly young people in their teens and twenties, but the older generation is also starting to get into it. More and more companies are active on the platform, and influencer marketing has an important role to play here too.


A popular portal for women aged 15-35, where users can collect and organise collections of content – mainly photos – and find inspiration from the collections of others. It can be more effective in driving traffic than Instagram (where you can’t share links in posts).

Don’t let your competitors overtake you!

We help you with everything

Whether it’s setting up your business accounts, designing your strategy, producing content or analysing the results, you can count on us.



We’ll plan which platforms to share content on to best support your business goals.


We’ll write the copy for your posts, produce photo and video content.


We constantly monitor current trends and news to keep your content up-to-date and relevant.


We handle incoming comments, messages and forward them if necessary.


We track and analyse the stats of your posts and pages, and adapt the strategy to the results.

Why choose us?


A holistic approach

You can have your social media management and paid advertising under one roof. This way, you’ll have a consistent communication and look across all platforms, and you’ll only need to keep in touch with one team.


We are always up to date

The market, current trends, the way each site works and their features are constantly changing. We’ll keep track for you, so it doesn’t take up your time.



We work in several industries and countries at the same time, so we share experience and knowledge quickly. What we test in one country or industry can be quickly transferred to another.


We are proactive

We constantly test which content works well and suggest improvements and new features.


Young team

We wake up and go to bed with social media.


Good contact

Of course, our expertise comes first, but we also value human relations.