Protect yourself against click fraud!

Regardless of the size of your business, if you use paid search ads, you’re also paying for many clicks that aren’t valid – they may come from competitors or even bots. We’ve created our Click Fraud Prevention service to help advertisers fight back and ensure they only pay for clicks that generate valuable traffic.

What are these false clicks?

“The global loss from ad fraud was $35 billion in 2020.”
(MarTech, 2021)

Fake clicks on PPC ads are made to burn the advertiser’s advertising budget. In most cases, these come from automated programs, so-called botnets. However, competitors may also be behind the phenomenon. Click fraud can be used to make money for various criminal gangs.

Several studies suggest that no matter the size of the business, fake clicks can reach anyone who advertises online, regardless of size. Of course, the financial damage can vary dramatically depending on how much your business relies on digital advertising.

At Markestic, we are passionate about cost-effective advertising spend and delivering reliable data to our clients. With high-budget ad accounts to manage, and digital being the new normal for many businesses, we felt the need to create a service that would ensure every click is valuable.

How do we fight fake clicks?


Contact us and we will send you an email with more information about the service.


We will guide you through the process of activating the service.

Reporting from

We show the cost-saving impact in monthly reports.

Is it really worth it?

This depends on your advertising budget and how much your business relies on digital advertising – but usually at least 5% of clicks are fake. In return for this service, we ask for no more than 15% of the budget saved – but at least 1% of the total advertising budget.

The rate of false clicks varies by industry, so we actively monitor the effectiveness of the service and let you know how much it’s worth to you. With our monthly subscription-based billing, you can stop the service at any time.

Let’s look at two cases that can help you decide whether it’s worthwhile for your business.

1% false click rate

Say you spend €10 000 a month on Google Ads campaigns. The service shows that 10% of clicks are fake, saving you €1000. We will charge you 15% of the amount you save, i.e., €150, and you will still save €850.

15% false click rate

You spend €10 000. The service saves you 5%, or €500, and we charge €100 (1% of €10 000). This means you’ll still save €400.

Does Google not filter fake clicks?

You might legitimately ask: ”Doesn’t Google (or other ad networks) filter out invalid clicks by default?”

And yes, they do. But…

Google offers a very basic traffic filtering service that acts as a first line of defense against only the most obvious click fraud and invalid traffic in Google Ads accounts. However, this is not a personalized service that incorporates account settings, industry, and other needs.

Our service acts as a sophisticated second layer of protection, providing unparalleled additional protection against invalid and illegitimate traffic, like a firewall for your clicks. Our unique algorithm is tailored to your unique business and your industry.

What are you waiting for?

11% of clicks on search ads are false.

Subscription-based monthly fee service.

You only pay for clicks from valuable and genuine enquiries.

Monthly reports on fraudulent activity on your account.

Our solution reduces false clicks by 98%, improving traffic quality by 29%.

Easy to activate.