Wondering how we generated 70 times more revenue for every HUF spent on marketing?

EcoFamily’s goal was to use online marketing to increase the number of customers visiting their physical stores and to increase the number of online orders.

70 times revenue multiplier on advertising costs

They have set themselves an important milestone of reaching HUF 1 billion in revenue by the end of 2021, while meeting the performance indicators set for their physical stores. To do this cost-effectively, the aim was to increase the number of transactions and revenue by optimising the conversion rate. We started working with EcoFamily at the beginning of 2021, on the recommendation of an existing client. In 2022, we are talking about a retail chain with a national coverage, 56 physical stores, mainly selling food and household goods, employing more than 1200 people.

+ 25% - Return on advertising

Between 2020 and 2021, their ads performed 25% better on average per month.

-27% - Get one purchase

In 1 year, the amount spent on advertising to acquire a purchase has decreased by 27%.

65% - Turnover

65% of their revenue comes from direct PPC traffic.

65% of their revenue comes from direct PPC traffic



When we took over their advertising accounts, the basic e-commerce metrics were not set up properly, including conversions related to PPC spend were not fully measured. So first we had to tidy up the Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce and then the Facebook Pixel measurement settings.

The pandemic that broke out in 2020 presented them with similar challenges as other e-commerce players, and they had to compete in a highly competitive market environment to meet changing consumer demands.



The measurement was a crucial issue for them, as it was important to see which brands users prefer and which products they buy most during their online store activities.

Order placements have also increased significantly in cities where EcoFamily does not yet have a physical store, thanks to an active online presence, continuously optimised advertising and campaign management.

The importance of Google Ads is clearly demonstrated by the 2021. Between May and December, 59.4% of the more than 30,000 e-commerce transactions were directly attributable to advertising sales.