How to get started in Online Marketing without previous experience?

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The colourful and varied world of marketing, including online marketing, is attracting more and more young people’s attention these days, and for good reason. As our world becomes increasingly digital, a strong online presence is essential for companies and businesses. As a result, there is a growing need for experts who can point the way safely through the uneven terrain of the web. There are more and more job opportunities in Hungary, especially in the capital, but the beauty of the profession is that, due to its digital nature, it can be done from a small village as well as from a Starbuck in Germany. All you need is a laptop and internet access. But the question arises: how can I find a job, how can I gain experience if I don’t have any? That’s what I’m going to help you with.

Make clear which area you are interested in

There are many branches of online marketing, each of which can be dived into in great depth, so it’s important to be clear in advance exactly which area is closest to you. The main areas of online marketing are PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Brand Management. I suggest that if you are not sure what these areas are, you should look them up, as realising halfway through that your specialisation is not the one that suits you best can be a headache.

Ways of gaining experience and knowledge

I will show you three possible paths to take to gain marketing knowledge and experience. These paths will vary according to the level of financial investment you require, from the completely free methods to those that will require you to crack open the piggy bank.

The free ride

The man of the twenty-first century is blessed with the privilege of being able to obtain virtually any information from anywhere, at any time, in a matter of moments, using a flat device with a diameter of 15 centimetres. Many people are in a situation in life where they either cannot afford or are afraid to invest their financial savings in their skills. This is where our creativity and determination come in. Because there are ways to get some serious digital skills and keep that piggy bank intact.

Among the countless online marketing courses, blogs, youtube channels and other resources, I’d like to highlight the best ones to get you started in the world of digital marketing.

Best Blogs

(English, mixed)

PPC Hero
(English language, ppc centric)

The Pitch
(Hungarian language, mixed, but SEO and PPC in the centre)

Best free online training courses

Google Academy for Ads

  • In Google’s own free training, you can learn the basics of using their systems, earn valuable badges that can be useful and meaningful assets on your CV. It will be particularly useful for those who are attracted to the world of PPC/pay-pey-click advertising. They will be the ones who will manage ads according to keywords and interests of groups of people, learning the principles of how Google and Facebook algorithms work.

WordStream PPC University

  • WordStream’s PPC agency’s own training material, with webinars, downloadable materials and a little Social curriculum in addition to PPC

Moz SEO Udemy training

  • In this 3.5 hour, completely free Udemy course, you can learn the basics of SEO. SEO (search engine optimisation) experts will be marketers who will be able to improve the Google ranking of a website by studying Google’s algorithms in depth.

Best Youtube channels

So you can see that the free knowledge material on the Internet is almost endless, and you can find educational and knowledge-enhancing material to suit your taste in every field. It’s the most cost-effective method because it’s free, but if you want to look confident and competent in a job interview, it’s well worth investing in an in-depth, in-depth knowledge piece. I’m going to show you some of the sites that offer courses where you can get professional theoretical knowledge in your chosen fields for the price of just a few lunches.

Paid online courses


  • The best-known website for online courses, where you can learn about all aspects of online marketing without having to make a huge investment. The knowledge you buy here will always be there for you, because once you have bought a course, it is always available in your account. In addition, updates made by the creator of the knowledge material will of course be provided to us at no extra charge.


  • Like Udemy, you can buy courses on several subjects. The basic difference between the two services is that while Udemy charges for each course separately, Udemy is a monthly subscription system. The monthly subscription is ~4.500 HUF and the annual subscription is ~30.000 HUF. As online marketing is constantly updating, expanding and growing, it may be worth considering a longer-term investment to reach the fresher courses that come later.


  • The online courses on Netflix. For a monthly subscription of ~9500 HUF, we offer 13,000+ video tutorials, including online marketing materials to suit your needs. The first month is free, but it’s well worth the long-term investment.

It is clear, therefore, that those who want to deepen their knowledge beyond the free knowledge can find a platform for a relatively small investment. A huge advantage of these courses over the free options is that upon completion of the material, you will receive a certificate, which you can add to your LinkedIn profile or CV, further increasing your confidence in potential employers.

Finally, I will present the training courses that require the greatest financial sacrifice compared to other sources, but also offer the greatest returns.

Paid classroom courses

Let’s see which Hungarian “classroom” courses are worth investing our good Hungarian forints in if we want reliable knowledge.

Online Marketing Academy – OMA

  • The “OMA” intensive 52-hour course will introduce you to the basics of online marketing, from Google Ads to email marketing and copywriting.


  • Webler’s marketing course, similar to the OMA, will cover PPC topics through to Social Presence practices, in a total of 40 hours over 12 sessions.

Pallas 70

  • I left the most comprehensive and serious course for the end. The Pallas 70 Training and Examination Centre offers a massive 240 hours of training for those who wish to apply. They also start from the basics and then work their way through the different areas of expertise, touching on the most important things to know.

The instructors of these courses are basically not teachers, but online marketing experts. With their knowledge, experience and track record, they are stable and secure, so there’s no need to worry about wasting your money. A huge advantage of such courses is that all of them provide a certificate at the end of the course to prove that you have completed it. It also gives confidence to those who want to employ us, and is a symbol of the soundness of our knowledge.

Here’s the final piece of the puzzle. Our attitude.


What is the attitude of a good online marketer? This is a very important question, because most agencies and companies that are prepared to hire a digital expert will take into account the characteristics that distinguish an “online worker” from a digital expert in a job interview.

The fast-changing world of online marketing requires us to keep up to date, so anyone who wants to succeed in their field accepts that their knowledge will need to be updated and adapted almost daily, so constant learning and openness is essential.

It doesn’t hurt to have a good technological foundation. There are so many tools for the online world and for working online and making it easier, it’s a great advantage to know and use the most important and practical ones in your everyday life. Let us be focused and determined, let us want to be good. A lot of people apply to agencies and companies as online marketers because they don’t know what field to go into, they just want to try something new, but they don’t have long-term goals. You should NOT be like that! Set yourself goals, be ambitious, people like you are rare, which is why jobs are easier to find.


We have therefore seen a variety of approaches to becoming an expert. From the completely free ones to those that are a financial investment to increase your knowledge. But they all have one thing in common. Without humility, the will to improve and perseverance, none of these will lead to results. Let’s be clear in our minds that this is what we want. Decide which area really moves you and then, depending on your financial means, start expanding your knowledge. If you follow the formula above, you’re sure to get there!

Do you want to put the knowledge you have acquired into practice? Join our team if you want to develop your PPC skills to perfection among professionals and are looking for challenges!

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