Why work with a Google Premier Partner agency?

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If you want to get the most out of your online advertising, maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns and make sure every dollar goes to the right place, you should work with an agency of professionals who are certified as Google Preferred Partners.

How can an agency become a Google Premier Partner?

The Google Partners program distinguishes three levels: ‘Tag’, ‘Partner’ and ‘Premier Partner’, the latter being the most exclusive level. Only 3% of the companies participating in the programme are included, and they typically have many years of hard work behind them.

And only 10% of agencies worldwide are Google Partners at all, a staggeringly low number considering the size of the budgets they manage for some clients.

The Google Partners programme rewards and supports digital advertising agencies and marketing professionals worldwide who have a proven track record of maximising the success of their clients’ campaigns. They have helped their clients grow by maintaining campaigns, and have expertise and certifications in Google Ads. The members of an agency with a Priority Partnership attend a number of professional training courses and take the relevant exams.

Markestic was awarded Google Premier Partner in 2022, putting us in the top 3% of companies in the region!

What does it mean in practice to be a Google Premier Partner?

That we have met all the requirements listed above, and that we will be able to serve our partners and customers to an even higher standard in the future. In everyday life, this means:
    • Thanks to Google Premium Ads Customer Service, we can respond faster and more efficiently to any needs or questions you may have.

    • With access to reports on upcoming beta versions of Google products, we can use product information to support your growth.

    • We can increase our new clients’ advertising commitment with a Google Ads credit of USD 500. This promotional offer depends on your advertising budget.

    • We’re official for Google events designed for Premier Partner executives. This includes round-table discussions with sales and product development managers, tailored business training and content including expert advice.

    • We can also offer Targeted Customer Support, which is targeted strategic and sales support based on the size of your business and the market.

How do you base your advertising budget on an agency?

If you want to take your online advertising to the next level, reduce costs or increase revenue, contact us!

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