3 reasons why you should use Pinterest to achieve your business goals

The article was written by Markestic


Pinterest is not your usual social media platform. It can be compared to Facebook or Instagram, although users use it very differently and for different purposes.

They use the platform primarily for exploration, but mostly as a search engine, like Google with a twist. On Pinterest, people are looking for inspiration for their daily lives, ideas for DIY projects, destinations for their holiday plans, practically anything they can do in the ‘real world’.

1. Use the right pictures

On Pinterest, the “Pins”, i.e. the images, have a specific style. If you’ve seen Pint, you know what I’m talking about. There are infographics, guides and products, but not the usual posts that people expect from a social media platform.

These images should have a 2:3 ratio, with a logo in the (preferably) top left corner and some text. Pinterest’s algorithm favours visual images with specific characteristics, such as (in addition to those mentioned above) colours, people, styles. Pinterest makes it very easy to create content on its platform. All you need is the original image, and you can make all the necessary transformations via the built-in editor. It’s easy to get your logo to appear on every single picture, or a call to action in your latest pin.

The Pins can be organised on boards. These Boards must contain at least 5-6 Pints before you publish them.

2. Consider who is present on the platform

But who uses Pinterest? On average, 441 million people actively use this platform to explore every month! According to Pinterest, the majority of these people also use the platform to make a purchase, which means there is huge potential for advertisers. And Pinterest does its best to make sure that ads blend in with the surrounding Pins.

3. Take advantage of cheap advertising opportunities!

It is also one of, if not the cheapest option among other advertising platforms. The biggest enticement for advertisers to use Pinterest will be the fact that 89% of Pinners used the platform to find inspiration for a recent purchase, according to a study by GfK US. On Pinterest, both organic and promoted content can become successful catalysts for purchases. They try to make advertising as simple as possible and most of the campaign building process is similar to Facebook and works very similarly. The only difference is that you can also run search campaigns, so don’t forget to add relevant keywords to your ads.

+1 And all this comes with customer service

The final, but very useful, added value of the platform is customer service. Each advertiser will have its own customer service “agent”, who the customer can book an online appointment with at any time via a shared calendar. They’re always ready to help you with your campaigns, Pins or any other issue you bring to them.

Concluding thoughts

Pinterest is a great platform for both creative individuals and companies looking to grow their business. Give it a try yourself and see what you can get out of your business!

And if you already have a business, are on Pinterest, or would like to be on Pinterest but don’t have a clear view of the advertising system, then it might be worth talking to us about your options!

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