What updates can you expect on LinkedIn in 2023?

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Like most social media platforms, LinkedIn is constantly updating to provide an even better user experience. With the new functionality and innovations, users will find it easier to find ways to help them find a job, post a job ad or even advance in their career.

Wondering what’s in store for LinkedIn in the coming period? Then read our brief summary of this year’s updates:

Optimising the content

LinkedIn has grown mainly as a content marketing platform in recent years. In 2023, the algorithms are expected to be further refined, the value of content will be improved and keywords and primary search terms will be easier to select. Another interesting option will be that only subscribers will be able to access premium content, so experts may be better served by content created by premium members.

More opportunities for job seekers

In 2023, LinkedIn’s job search capabilities will expand further, giving job seekers the opportunity to search for potential jobs individually. Users can use filters to select the positions they are looking for, salary range, company size, etc. The range of specific opportunities offered by LinkedIn will also grow, which may be even better suited to meet the needs of the jobseeker.

Image and video-based services

Today, social media sites are mostly filled with images and videos, but LinkedIn still relies mainly on text-based content. However, this could change in 2023: the platform is likely to provide more support for users to upload videos and pictures to their profiles. This allows users to create and consume more colourful content and publish more information on their own sites.

Timing of posts

Perhaps one of the most eagerly awaited updates is the ability to schedule posts. By clicking on the clock symbol that appears directly next to the post button, you will be able to set the exact time and date of the post.

These innovations will shape LinkedIn and will certainly bring great benefits to users. But this requires active and conscious participation in social media, in addition to passive content consumption. It’s worth thinking about your online presence goals and adapting your LinkedIn communications accordingly, including using these new features.

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